House Rules

Campaign Goals
My goal for this campaign is to create a great setting and story for all of you that will facilitate great story telling. I would like us to finish this run and be able to go back to the very first forum post and read it to the end like novella. Extra Karma points for great story telling!

Character Restrictions
We will use the 400BP system in Fourth Edition with the following restrictions: No Technomancers or Adepts. I want fully flushed out characters, which means if you select a skill, your characters backstory needs to support it.

Combat and other tests
I will make all rolls for combat. When I have a question about Edge dice, or any other modifiers I will ask in a post in the OC forum. I will then tell you what the results of the test were and you can put it into your narrative. Remember, extra goodies for good roleplay in character.

Dice and rolls
I love rolling dice. It is why I like RPG’s so much. You might be just like me, and love rolling your own dice. I wish there was a great way to do this with a PBP, but there isn’t. I am going to make all dice rolls and reflect the results in the storyline. If there is a question about use of luck and such, I will contact you before I roll.

The nature of a play by post creates lag and stories that drag on, leading to frustration and boredom. I would like at least one post a week that moves the story forward. We will use the forum and have a thread for in character story posts and a thread for out of character conversations and mechanic questions.

House Rules

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