Shadows Rising

Beginnings 2
Out of Nova Scotia

Alain made his train, but not without a hitch along the way. Looks like he stayed in one place a little too long this time and CAS agents caught up with him. Bluffing his way out of a really bad situation (he doesn’t know how bad,) he makes his train for the long trek to Seattle and hopefully enough cred to keep him ahead of his hunters.
Case has found his way across tribal lands, a good offer with cred in the end, but it sure isn’t a cake run. Will he take it, or hunt for other transport. Hard to find legal means across country when your sinless…

Road to Seattle

Well, looks like Case and our many faced friend in Nova Scotia have decided to make the trek to Seattle and at least meet with Ro-Jin. Will the trip to Seattle be worth it, and will they make it without incident (yeah, right)? Two very different adventures start for our two runners.

I Thought You Were Dead
Message Recieved

You finally have some downtime. Feels like you have been chaining one run right into the next and you finally have some cred built up to take a little break, head down to the local watering hole and throw back a few, maybe look for a little trouble.
As you head out the place you call home (hey, you got to call it something) you notice a fancy envelope on the ground, your name on the front in a familiar handwriting.
Ro-Jin. How long had it been since you had run the shadows with him? Shocking that he was still alive. Short on muscle and long on the fancy side. More shocking than him living, how did he know where to find you?
You open the envelop to find an invitation to a special and lucrative business opportunity. The meet is in Seattle in 3 days. You have a little cred now, but it isn’t going to last. Things were drying up here, maybe it was time for a change of scenery. Despite the lack of muscle or anything else useful when the lead started slinging, Ro-Jin’s runs always were profitable…

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